A New Public Art Commission

I’ve been commissioned by the Bullring to produce a piece of artwork which will be on view in the centre of Birmingham for the next six months!

The St Martin’s Square area at Bullring is currently undergoing a transformation as building begins on a development to bring new restaurants to the centre. Bullring have taken the opportunity to do something a bit different with the hoardings surrounding the building site – effectively turning them into a blank canvas.

I can’t reveal too much about the final piece, as it’s all under wraps until the grand unveiling in St Martin’s Square on the 20th April but the process has involved a couple of weekends interviewing passers by in the city centre. I’ve learnt about the power of clipboards to inspire fear in those I’ve approached, but more importantly I’ve found a huge breadth of experience, thought and feeling in the people who did, kindly, take a minute to stop and chat.

The whole process has been a catalyst for me to push the boundaries of some unique techniques for image making. The core idea in the piece is one which I can’t wait to develop further. There will be more…

From Bullring directly:


“Locally exhibited artist Tom Tebby and We Are Birmingham’s Matt Murtagh will have their creations showcased on the hoardings, which will remain in place for much of the build. Joining them is James Thomson who has adopted an original technique, which allows Bullring’s shoppers to become a part of the art.”


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