The Paper Project

Without the ingenuity and skill of engineers in all disciplines, securing a low energy future for a growing population is an impossible task.

Over the past two years I have lead ‘The Paper Project’ which uses engineering ingenuity to demonstrate the potential of low energy material to be used in construction. Working with only newspaper,  I have conceived a series of installations which demonstrate the structural potential of a material which is usually thrown away. Each installation is a unique, temporary creation, recycled after removal.

I have taken the project into schools, working with members of the Institution of Civil Engineers to use the project as tool to educate young people about the need for engineers in any low carbon future.

A full record of the project was blogged at

The project was given the 2010 Chairman’s Award at the West Midlands ICE annual dinner, in recognition of its contribution to education and engineering.

The project culminated in an exhibition entitled ‘Future of Building’ at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in March 2010.

The project was featured in the architecural magazine ‘Building Design’. The full article is available here:

Recycled Paper Makes Riches from Rags