Commission a Portrait

Over the last few weeks I’ve been taking my work to a few art fairs. It’s been great to meet so many people, and lots of you have had great ideas for commisions based on the ‘Your Words: Your Pictures’ series that builds up portraits from letters and words personal to the person in the portrait. It’s flexible and unique, and I’m now taking open commissions.

All you need to provide is a photo to work from (I can work from any size of image, from a passport to a magazine cover). If you have an idea I can help you develop it into a final portrait, or I can suggest possibilities to help your find the right design. I can produce work at any size, from A5 birthday cards to wall size prints, all to your bespoke requirements.

If we’ve spoken already, or if you’re new to the site, please do contact me at or leave a comments below and I’d be happy to discuss the creation of a unique piece of work for a gift, celebration or anniversary.

Previous work has included:

– Musicians’ portraits, made up of lyrics or songs, for fans of a particular singer or band.

– Wedding portraits, made up of guests’ names, or the couples’ names and wedding date.

– Grandparents’ portraits made of the names of children and grandchildren.

– The possibilities are limitless, all I need to get started is a photo!


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