Have string, will travel…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been touring a few Art Fairs, mainly with the ‘Your Words:Your Pictures’ portrait series. The most important lesson I’ve learnt is that, when attending an outdoor event, take string.

A particularly windy day in Lincoln would have been impossible to continue at without what became a serious feat of structural engineering [right]. The force exerted by a metre high print when it catches the wind is incredible, and when said print is thrown into the air and onto the unsuspecting artist’s head then, well…if I hadn’t used perspex for the framing instead of glass then I might now be quite a lot shorter than when I began the day.

At this point, the string, hastily dropped into my bag that morning as an afterthought was put to good effect. Crisis averted, the buskers were great, I met some very nice people, and in the quiet parts of the day I learned that, after string, the second most important thing you can take to an art fair is a chair.






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